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D-Group Basics


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- Invite over for a meal
- Invite to help prepare dinner
- Invite to watch a show/program
- Invite to celebrate a birthday in your family
- Invite to ride along with you to pick up your kids from school/ activities
- Invite to watch your kids games/practice/recitals/plays with you
- Invite to help you with yard/house work

What are regular rhythms of your family/ home life that you can include people in?


- Do a hobby together
- Workout/exercise together
- Go to an event together
- Go out to eat together
- Go to gun range together
- Go painting together
- Go shopping together
- Go to a movie together
- Build something together
- Go hunting together
- Go fishing together
- Get nails done together
- Get hair done together
- Play cards together
- Play games together

What are regular rhythms of your social/recreation life that you can include people in?


- Go on a road trip together
- Invite to ride along on speaking/serving engagements
- Go to conferences/conventions together
- Go on vacation together/with your family

What are some regular trips you make that you could include people in?


- Go witnessing together
- Conduct spiritual surveys together
- Frequent the same restaurant/business together to build relationships
- Invite people to Community Group gatherings together
- Minister through local non-profit together(FCA, YFC,AWC)

What are some missional habits you have created that you can include people in?


- Do a community project together
- Connect to hope city project together
- Serve in a Highview ministry together
- Volunteer in boys and girls club together

What are some ways you could serve Highview and Louisville that you could include people in?