The next step to grow as a follower of Jesus is to be involved in a discipleship group (D-group). Discipleship groups are same gender small groups of 3–5 people. These groups are closed groups, that agree to meet together for 12–18 months of intentional growth. The purpose of Discipleship is to lead people to learn to obey all that Jesus has commanded, and train them to do the work of the ministry. Discipleship groups have a rhythm of formal meetings and informal times of life-on-life mentoring. Through discipleship groups we develop spiritual disciplines, core theology, transformation, and training for every day mission.
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Read the Bible with your D-Group this year
December 14, 2018

The start of the new year is the perfect time to begin a Bible reading plan with your discipleship group. If we aren't careful, we can teach people to rely too heavily on books about the Bible or workbook studies that teach us truths from the Bible. These things aren't bad or wrong, God uses them to help us grow. But books and studies cannot replace the Bible itself. Don't settle for gleaning from what someone else heard from God, when you can learn to hear from God yourself. We must keep biblical resources in their proper place as supplemental to the Bible. As we have said many times, the best curriculum for discipleship is God's word. If all we ever did was help our d-groups read through the Bible on a systemic plan, challenging them to understand and apply it to their lives, we are well on our way to Equipping them to follow Jesus. So let's get ahead of 2019 by planning to read through the Bible with our d-groups. If you have a plan, stick with it. But if you don't here are some suggestions.

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