The Art of Discipleship

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The Art of Discipleship
is a weekend training designed
to move Highview members
from "disciple" to "disciple-maker."

At the Art of Discipleship training, you will be equipped with vision and tools to intentionally make disciples in your area of influence.

People enjoying learning about discipleship

Through practical bible teaching,
roundtable interactive discussions,
and powerful testimony of disciple makers. You will learn:

  • Highview’s Journey of Discipleship.
  • Commitments and principles of discipleship.
  • Practical strategy for beginning discipleship groups with others.
  • Ideas for working through the challenges of investing in others.
  • How to reproduce disciples who make disciples.
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Will you join us for this important time of equipping and encouragement?

In response to the ongoing coronavirus concerns and in efforts to protect the health of our loved ones we are cancelling the Art of Discipleship Training that was scheduled for April 24-25.