Central Campus

Reaching our city through campus multiplication

About Central Campus

Louisville is geographically cut in half by I -65. It’s right down the middle separating east and west. I-65 is also a divider demographically and racially. The overwhelming majority of people who live east of I- 65 are white, while overwhelmingly the majority of those who live west of 65 are minorities. On a smaller level when communities have diverse demographics, statistics show that even when people share the same zip code, they don’t share life together.

The goal of Highview's Central Campus is to plant as close to the dividing wall (I-65) as possible. Currently we are searching out space between the Newburg neighborhood and the University of Louisville along Preston Highway. By God’s grace Central Campus will be an outpost for gospel mission just a few miles from The University of Louisville’s campus and downtown.

By the last week of February, we will begin gathering as a launch team for fellowship, prayer, study, and strategy. Community Groups for Central Campus will begin meeting in late April and engaging the community through evangelistic outreach through August. By God’s grace and provision we will have our first public worship service in October, 2021. Church family, we are convinced that this church campus will rise no higher than the prayers of the saints who are sending us. Here are a few ways you could partner with us by prayer.

  • - Pray for a building for us to gather in the desired location between Newburg and the University of Louisville.
  • - Pray for my family, and the families of those joining specifically for spiritual warfare.
  • - Pray for hearts of lost people in the area to be prepared to hear and receive the gospel.
  • - Pray for strategic roles of staff and volunteers to be filled with humble, godly, gifted, disciple makers.
  • - Pray for God to raise our budget for launching this campus.