Highview Adoption & Foster Care ministry exists to educate, engage, and support the church regarding foster care, adoption, and vulnerable kids and families.

Get Involved


Pray for social workers. The case loads currently in Jefferson County are about sixty per worker—three times the normal caseload. Pray for foster and adoptive families in our church. Recent years have been hard on all of us, but extremely difficult on kids from difficult places. Pray for waiting children. Go to www.adoptuskids.org and select and learn about a waiting child. Continue to pray that God will give them a forever family.


Learn who the foster and adoptive families are in your community. Reach out and provide them a meal or a gift card for a fun family activity. Check in with them regularly – foster and adoptive families need prayer and support. Adoption is for life. Become a respite provider.


educate yourself more by attending trainings or conferences in your area to see how you can help. Go to www.adopt.ky.gov and learn more about foster care in our state. Go to www.orphancarealliance.org and learn more about how to advocate or get trained in respite or life coaching.


give to local organizations financially or give of your time to be a mentor or donate to residential facilities as needed. Volunteer to go to residential facilities and host valentine's or easter activites, game nights, or birthday events with the kids.

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