Flow of a D-Group Meeting


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D-Group Basics

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A discipleship group should come together each week for accountability, training in God’s word, and a challenge to missional living. Formal meetings should last between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes. Groups can meet anywhere: From the home of the group leader, to coffee shops, restaurants, even the church building. Below is a format for what groups want to accomplish when they meet together. Although a flow is helpful, be mindful of the direction of the Holy Spirit and the needs of those you are investing in.

Discipleship Group Flow

Look back: 25 mins - Accountability

Group members discuss:
- Their week highlights/struggles
- Their scripture memory
- Their witnessing experiences
- Something learned/applied from journaling

Look in: 25 mins - Lesson

Group members discuss:
- Lesson prepared by leader
- Group members should have worked on lessons prior to meeting.
- The meeting time is just for clarifying questions and discussing application

Look ahead: 5 min - Challenge

Group members discuss:
- How they will apply in the coming week.
- Always leave with some way to apply Bible
- Always leave with a challenge to share the gospel with the lost