First D-Group Meeting


Foundational Resources


D-Group Basics

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What is this D-Group anyway?

Discipleship groups are same gender, small groups of 3-5 people, including the leader. These groups are closed groups that agree to meet together for 12-18 months of intentional growth. The purpose of discipleship groups is to lead people to learn to obey all that Jesus has commanded and train them to do the work of the ministry.

Spiritual inventory questions for intimacy and transparency:

- The closest I have felt to God in my life was ____________________________ .
- The farthest I have felt from God was ___________________________________ .
- If I could change one incident in my life, it would be _______________________________________ . Why?
- If I could thank God for one person in my life, it would be __________________________________ . Why?
- The turning point in my relationship with God was __________________________________________ . Why?

Share testimonies

Take some time to go around and share how you came to know Jesus and what life has been like since that time.

What you're committing to:

- Being a learner (taking notes)
- Having an open heart to how God wants to transform me.
- Attendance for the entire journey.
- Discipline to complete assignments/challenges
- Participation (honesty, transparency, confidentiality)
- Pray for group members
- Reproduce what you have learned by leading a group yourself when complete this process

Ask everyone to verbally commit to these expectations and make sure to exchange contact info.