4 Stages of Multiplying


Be Sent by Jesus


D-Group Basics


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As we study the gospels, we notice that Jesus trained His disciples for the work of ministry by delegating responsibility. He then brings them back to discuss the results and gives them suggestions on how they could do things better. People best learn how to do ministry by doing it. As we are preparing to launch people to make disciples through discipleship groups, we should practice and teach a method for reproducing ourselves.

Read Luke 10:1-12; 17-20
Read Matthew 17:14-21
 Discuss: What stands out to you about the rhythm of Jesus sending his disciples to preach and then gathering them for discussion?

4 Steps of Multiplying

1. I do, you watch, we discuss

The leader of the group has been modeling this for most of the year in the d-group. Preparing lessons, leading discussion, and shepherding when people don’t show up or are struggling with sin. Good questions to ask: What have you noticed about the structure of these group meetings?, Is there anything I have done that you don’t feel like you could do?, What about what I have been doing in leading this group feels most natural to you?

2. I do, you help, we discuss

The leader of the group can give a couple of weeks to include individual group members in prep for group meeting. ”Hey, I want you to see how I prepare lessons each week for our d-group. Let’s meet the night before group and prepare the lesson together.” “Tomorrow when we meet for group, you lead the look back and I’ll lead the look in.” Good questions to ask: “How do you think that went tonight?, How did you feel leading a look back?, What could you have done differently?

3. You do, I help, we discuss

The leader of the group can give a couple of weeks for individual group members to prep and lead group themselves with help from leader in prep. "Hey, this week I want you to lead the group. I will help you prepare, but you are going to lead the entire meeting. If you get stuck I’ll jump in." Good questions to ask: “How do you think it went last night?, Maybe you should think about answering that person’s question on The Holy Spirit like this.”

4. You do, I watch, we discuss

Launch individual group members to lead their own groups.