Good Friday As a Conversation Starter

April 19, 2019

Discipleship Blog Author

Scott Long

Discipleship Pastor

In his song "Whatever Comes," Christian hip hop artist Andy Mineo says, "I wrote this on Good Friday, but why they call it good? An innocent man was beaten and nailed to the wood." This is such a great question to ponder. It's also a great conversation starter. The cross of Jesus Christ was a bloody, gruesome, horrific event. Jesus, as the sacrificial lamb of God, suffered a criminal's death. He was cursed by God, spit on and mocked by people. Jesus was tortured and ripped apart, though every verdict from his trial was that he had no guilt. Reading Psalms 22 and Isaiah 53 can help us get a picture of what He endured. 

This seems to be the very opposite of good. It seems horrible, in fact. It's the description of our worst nightmare falling on a person. So again, the question is, "What's so good about Good Friday?"   

The next line from Mineo's song says this. "It's only by the lens of grace we see who that should've been, hanging from that tree who them nails should've been put in, me!"   

This is why it's good. It's good because for us it eliminates the bad that we deserved. It's good because it should have happened to us, but it didn't. It's good because it purchased our freedom, when we were bound. It's good because it showed God's love, when we were his enemies. It's good because it paid our debt, that we owed. It's good because it brought us life, when we were dead. It's good because it made us clean, when we were dirty. It's good because it brought justice, when evil reigned. It's good because it provided forgiveness, for our trespasses. It's good because it brings healing, for our hurts. It's good because it made us whole, when we were broken. Ultimately, it's good because three days later God raised Jesus from death, proving He accepted the sacrifice for us. 

Good Friday was really bad for Jesus. But it was really good for those who trust him for the forgiveness of their sins. It seems odd to celebrate the death of an innocent man until you realize that He was trading places with your guilt.   

On Good Friday ponder these things. But also ask the question. Use the question as a way to start conversations with people. Ask your friends. Ask your neighbors. Ask your co-workers. Make a point to ask 5 people today. "Do you know what's so good about Good Friday?" And share with them why we believe it's the most good that's ever been done. Then invite them to church with you on Sunday to see how it got even better.