Cuba Trip

Trip Details

Dates: July 20 - July 30, 2019

Team: High School Juniors and Seniors, College Age


Cost: $2,400 - $2,800 (depending on airfare)

Deposit: $100

In partnership with Youth Ministry International (YMI), our team will be conducting a day camp at one of the churches in Havana, Cuba. During the day, students will teach English classes and lead campers through various recreational activities. YMI is an organization committed to training and sending out youth ministers around the world. 

Team Leaders:  Roger Palmer, Wendy Palmer, Wes Singleton, Kori Singleton in partnership with Youth Ministry International.

Lodging: Government approved Hotel or environment similar to an AirBNB, (all tourist and in country guest lodging is regulated by the Cuban government).

Important dates:  All Training Sessions are MANDATORY and will take place from 4pm-6pm in room 229 at the Fegenbush Campus.

November 3:  Information and general interest meeting, Fegenbush Campus, 7:00pm

December 31:  
Application deadline to include a $100.00 deposit that will apply to final trip balance. Applicants will be notified of acceptance within one week. This trip will require a two level application; one for Highview and one for Y.M.I.

January 12:  $
400.00 due and Training Session 1 (Fegenbush Campus, Room 229, 4pm - 6pm)

February 9:  
Training Session 2 (Fegenbush Campus, Room 229, 4pm - 6pm)

March 8:  
Half of final balance due and Training Session 3 (Fegenbush Campus, Room 229, 4pm - 6pm)

April 19:  
Training Session 4 (Fegenbush Campus, Room 229, 4pm - 6pm)

June 7:  F
inal trip balance due and Training Session 4

June 27: 
Team Dinner, 5:00pm, location TBD

You can help support a team member by contributing at

Historical Snapshot: In 1959 Fidel Castro led what became known as the Cuban Revolution to overthrow president Fulgencio Batista to install the first communist government in the western hemisphere. Castro also led Cuba to become an ally of the Soviet Union. During the years that followed the revolution, he was responsible for political oppression and persecution of the Cuban church. For more than 50 years the United States and Cuba existed in a state of conflict as demonstrated by the Cuban missile crisis. In the early 1990s with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba moved away from atheist communism to embrace secular socialism. This opened up more religious freedom and the United States normalized relationships with Cuba in 2015 allowing for travel and regulated commerce. It is now legal for Americans to engage in support of Cuban churches. There are hundreds of biblically sound churches thriving in Cuba. Our team will travel there on a Religious Visa.

Youth Ministry International Snapshot: Since 1988 Y.M.I., led by founder Randy Smith, has been in constant pursuit of its mission “Over 90% of the world’s formally trained youth leaders are in the USA ministering to only 3% of the world’s teenagers. YMI is dedicated to changing that statistic.” Y.M.I. has currently trained thousands of youth workers in more than 3000 local churches worldwide. In Cuba, since 2005, Y.M.I. has installed student ministry majors in four Cuban Seminaries and trained more than 3,000 student ministers and volunteers in more than 1,600 biblically grounded Cuban churches. More than 150,000 Cuban teenagers have been engaged in regular weekly student ministries with 60,000 students being led to Christ and baptized. Y.M.I. partners closely with the I.M.B.