Amos 1–6

Aaron Harvie | May 13, 2019
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About this Sermon Series

Minor Prophets

4/28/2019 - 8/25/2019

How easy it was for the Israelites—the chosen people—to misunderstand the purpose of the law and to misunderstand how to have relationship with their God. They didn't want to leave Egypt. They didn't want to purify themselves from grumbling and false worship. They didn't want Him as their king. They didn't want to trust in Him in the face of armies and famine. What they wanted was all of His goodness without any of the relationship. They wanted a quick fix. Burnt offering at the Temple? Check the box and move on. But we serve a gracious and loving Father—one that did not leave us on our own but came after us. And to these wayward Israelites, God called the prophets to be messengers to His people for one specific purpose: to draw them back into right relationship with Him from all the places they've gone, all the messes they've made, all the other gods they've loved. And He's drawing us back, too. Our mission is to lead people to know and follow Jesus. But we can only do that when we are in a growing relationship with Him—a relationship that is built on His steadfast love and our response of worship and obedience.

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