Fegenbush Campus

Serving at Student Impact Week

Time and Location
Sunday at 6:00 PM
Fegenbush Campus
Monday, Jun 7, @ 6:00 PM
Tuesday, Jun 8, @ 6:00 PM
Wednesday, Jun 9, @ 6:00 PM


Kori Singleton
(502) 231-6215

Serving at Student Impact Week

  • Check-in Table Workers - Check in students from 5:30PM - 6:15PM
  • Score Keepers - Responsible for tallying all of the scores for each team each night
  • Set-Up/Tear-Down Workers - Help our interns set-up and tear-down outdoor games and help facilitate games
  • Counselors - Ready to counsel students who surrender their lives to Jesus
  • Prayer Warriors - Pray over every student whose name is on the rolls, to pray for our guest speaker, Chris Morgan and Isaac Frasure and our worship team.