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Women's Thursday Morning Bible Study

Time and Location
Thursday at 9:30 AM
Fegenbush Campus
Thursday, Sep 29, @ 9:30 AM
Thursday, Oct 6, @ 9:30 AM
Thursday, Oct 13, @ 9:30 AM
Thursday, Oct 20, @ 9:30 AM
Thursday, Oct 27, @ 9:30 AM
Thursday, Nov 3, @ 9:30 AM
Thursday, Nov 10, @ 9:30 AM
Thursday, Nov 17, @ 9:30 AM


Ruth McCoy
(502) 231-6209

Women's Thursday Morning Bible Study

We will study the Gospel of Mark. The purpose of going through this Gospel is to serve the women of Highview by providing a study that would complement the sermon series that Highview is walking through in that same season. The church is currently going through the book of Romans. To complement the sermon series, we are going through the gospel narrative of Mark to see how the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus embody the doctrines laid out in the book of Romans. For example, how does Jesus display the doctrines of grace or sanctification as He was making disciples on earth? Where can we see the character of God on display? As we see these truths, questions of the heart need to be addressed. What is the Lord saying about the human heart in general? What is the Lord revealing in our hearts? Where are my eyes set on that is not Jesus? And what is keeping us from obeying? We just don’t want to give information but ask the question, “What do we want them to see, go or achieve through this Bible study? How does this lead to heart change?”  

A Heart that Follows Jesus: A Study in the Book of Mark
Beginning Thursday, September 22, 2022
9:30am - 11:00am    
Fegenbush Campus

Cost:  $9 (Register and pay online to receive your book at your first session.)