The Harvest Women's Ministry

This semester, The Harvest women's ministry will host a monthly venue with group discussions and small group breakouts. The topic for each month will change (listed below), with a specific focus on applying God's Word to daily life. These events are designed to build community among the women of East Campus, but are open to all women in our community.

February 20 – “Spiritual Gifts”

God has given each of us spiritual gifts to build up the church and accomplish His purposes in the world. Come join us as we learn to cultivate those gifts and use them to glorify God.

March 19 – “Modern Modesty”

Being modest can be difficult in the self-absorbed society that we live in. Join us as we take a look at the pursuit of grace and imperishable beauty of being modest according to God’s Word.

April 16 – “Faithful Friendships”

Do you long to have lasting friendships who continually point you to Christ? Would you like to be that kind of friend to others? Come join us as we take a look at godly friendships in the Scriptures who focused on building relationships by putting God first.

May 21 – “Effective Evangelism: Sharing Your Story”

Do you struggle to share how Jesus has changed your life or the importance of why sharing the gospel is so important? Come and listen as we hear why sharing the truth of the gospel through your story could change the trajectory of one’s eternity.