Kids Soccer Leagues

Join Highview's Recreation Ministry for co-ed soccer leagues for kids in ages 4 years old through 5th grade! Games are played at Fegenbush Campus (7711 Fegenbush Lane, Louisville, KY 40228). Registration begins August 1 and ends Sunday, August 30.  The cost is $30 per child.

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One Goal...Jesus

Highview's Recreation Ministry exists to help children learn Christian character within the context of safe athletic competition. We understand that children experience a range of emotions in social and competitive environments. Sometimes, their comfort level varies from week to week! Our leagues are intended to help kids grow physically, mentally, and spiritually as they are encouraged and challenged in team cooperation, sportsmanship, and physical activity. Above all, we want kids to have fun using the gifts and talents God has given them.

Each week, coaches teach both soccer skills and truths from God's Word in a post-game devotional time. Sports are a fantastic companion to spiritual discipleship. Children can easily make connections between the physical growth they experience and a growing relationship with the Lord. Learning to work in a team teaches valuable lessons about the way God designed us to live in community. Competition teaches us our limits and often puts us in positions of healthy struggle, providing a stark contrast to the limitless, perfect character of God.

We split kids into several different leagues based on age so that they are playing with other kids at their stage of development. Teams are co-ed. In past seasons, the leagues have followed these age groupings: Pre-K & Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade, 3rd through 5th grade. Leagues may fluctuate somewhat based on the number of participants and their age groupings.

We do not place an emphasis on the score of games or on each teams' win-loss record. There is no tournament or champion named at the end of the season. Oftentimes, kids and parents may keep track of the score in their head since athletic competition can be a fun and rewarding pursuit.

Season Schedule

Children will be placed into teams and receive a schedule with with times once registration has ended. Please note that we are allowing 30 minutes between games on Saturdays for social distancing. Continue see the section below for our entire COVID-19 policy.

Organization Day – Saturday, September 19

Children will meet their coaches, receive their team t-shirt, and go through some basic soccer skill instruction. For young children, this means going over basic rules and structure of a soccer game. Older children will do drills to learn and refine fundamentals like passing, dribbling, and shooting. Organization Day is geared towards getting league information to parents while helping set a tone of fun, learning, and sportsmanship for the children.

Game Days (Saturdays) – September 26, October 10, October 17, October 24

On game days, children should arrive 5-10 minutes before their scheduled game time. Please make sure that they have used the restroom, uniform on, shoes tied, etc. Game days begin with 20 minutes of warm-up and skill-development with coaches. Following the skill development time, the game lasts around 40 minutes. Coaches lead a short devotional with the team after the game.

Rain Date – Saturday, October 31

If a game day has to be canceled because of inclement weather, we will plan to make it up on Saturday, October 31. If multiple game days are canceled, we will only make up one game.

Suggested Equipment

Each child should bring the following items with them each week:

 - Comfortable athletic shoes – cleats are suggested, but not required

 - High socks, soccer socks, and/or shin guards

 - Temperature-appropriate clothing to be worn under the team t-shirt (ex. a long-sleeve shirt on a chilly day)

 - Team t-shirt (will be provided on Organization Day)

 - Gloves (will be provided on Organization Day)

 - Cloth mask to be worn for the non-strenuous periods before and after games

 - Water

COVID-19 Policies

We want to create an environment that is fun and safe. Please make a note of the following policies and strive to honor other families by following these guidelines to the best of your ability.

 - Children should wear masks (or other PPE) and observe social distancing during all non-strenuous periods, including walking to and from a vehicle, watching on the sidelines, and during pre- and post-game team gatherings.

 - Family member should wear masks (or other PPE) and observe social distancing while walking to and from a vehicle and while watching on the sidelines. You may feel comfortable to attend without a mask. Our policy is not dependent on your comfort level. Please wear a mask out of a spirit of honor and care for all participants and family members.

 - We are providing Highview Recreation-themed cloth gloves to each child both as a participation gift and to aid in social distancing. We ask that children wear them during the game to limit contact with other children. We understand that a certain amount of contact between children is unavoidable.

 - Family and friends (grandparents, cousins, neighbors, schoolmates, etc.) that do not live in your household should maintain social distance and/or re-consider coming to games.

 - Playing fields will have separate entrances and walkways to limit the number of people congregating and interacting. On your child's team schedule, please make note of which field they will be on and remain there for the duration of their game.

 - We are allowing for 30 minutes between games. While this may be inconvenient for families with multiple children participating, it aids social distancing. This window of times allow for families to leave the field and parking lot before the next set of teams is scheduled to arrive.

 - Hand sanitizer will be available at several points nearby the playing fields.