Central Campus Clean Out Crew

We are so thankful that God has provided an opportunity to move into a new home. Hopefully by now you have heard that Southside Baptist Church has voted to merge with us and turn over their facilities into our care. We believe this is God’s direction and cannot wait to see how he uses and grows our church in the Wyandotte neighborhood.

While the decision to merge has not yet been finalized, the speed at which things have come together means that we need to be actively preparing for next steps now. Southside is graciously allowing to take 3 Saturdays to clean out spaces in the building in preparation for a move. We are organizing cleaning crews to blitz this project together. Choose a date and sign up for a time slot to help. Bring your family, community group, or discipleship group. To more evenly disburse the workload, spots are limited each week. 

Saturday, September 10
10am - 12 noon

Saturday, September 17
10am - 12 noon

Saturday, September 24
10am - 12 noon

Southside Baptist Church
804 Camden Ave
Louisville, KY 40215