COVID-19 Updates

Friday, May 15

Church family,

We’re on day 2 of a week of prayer ( as we head towards the first phase of re-entering normal life. This week of prayer is a season of preparation, but not in the way you may be thinking. For a church of our size, unhindered Sunday morning gatherings are still a ways off. I don’t know when we will be able to gather again as we once did. No—we’re preparing because our re-entry into normal life means that we will have fresh opportunities for in-person Community, Discipleship, and Multiplication. Let me explain:

I hope that you listened carefully to what Pastor Scott said in his sermon on Sunday: in a season where corporate gathering is impossible, we have to be the church where we live, where we work, and where we do recreation. We don’t have any other choice. This is what our Journey of Discipleship has always been about. If our work and ministry as a church is confined to the walls of our building, then we have seriously misunderstood the Great Commission. Highview, will we be faithful to gather in Community? Will we continue to walk together in Discipleship? Will we use the new guidelines to share Jesus with our neighbors?

Don’t forget that we are hosting prayer gatherings at both Fegenbush & East Campuses on Wednesday, May 20. Details will be released on Monday as we continue to work out the logistics and watch the weather to ensure a safe, healthy, and Christ-honoring time together.

Our livestream worship service at 10:30am continues to be our primary way to Worship as a church. As I share in the video, we will be able to have people on-campus for Sunday morning gatherings starting May 24, but with extensive restrictions. We will leverage our system of Community Groups to make sure that we follow the guidelines set out by our civic authorities. In the coming weeks, be looking for communication from your Community Group leader about which Sunday you are invited to worship in-person. As always, this is completely up to you to do what is right for your health and safety; if you do not feel comfortable coming to worship then we encourage you to stay home.

Worshiping via livestream is not the same, but I hope that you have developed a genuine joy and comfort knowing that we are still worshiping together, scattered across our city.

Pastor Aaron

Friday, March 27

Church family,

Over the past few weeks, I've gotten in the habit of sending out e-mail updates on Fridays, so I think we will continue to do this for the foreseeable future. We may not be together, but we have plenty to celebrate as a church. We also have the inexhaustible goodness of Christ--to gaze upon, to consider, to worship--for refreshment and strengthening in this season. Take a minute and watch this video, and then jump over to social media to share with us some of the "wins" in your life and ministry this week:

One more thing: giving this past week was phenomenal. These are uncertain times, but you stepped up. Many of you have made the switch to online giving, which is fantastic. If you prefer to write a check, you can always mail it to our church office at 7711 Fegenbush Lane, Louisville, KY 40228. If you'd like to learn more about online giving, we recorded a short tutorial that walks through some basic steps. You can watch it here:

I love you and I can't wait to "see" you on Sunday morning at 10:30am for our livestream!

Pastor Aaron

Monday, March 23

In response to the worldwide pandemic of (COVID-19) and in efforts to protect the health of our loved ones we are cancelling the “Art of Discipleship training” that was scheduled for April 24th-25th. You will be receiving a full refund of your registration fee back to the credit card that was used for payment. This is obviously an unfortunate turn of events for everyone in many sectors of life. We value this training so much and have seen God use it in tremendous ways. But we are trusting His lead. Our hope is that you will join us for the next time we gather for Art of Discipleship.

Friday, March 20

Monday, March 16

What a fantastic Sunday! I've been talking with our media guys, and the data from our streaming services shows that we had very strong "attendance." A bunch of people posted pictures worshiping in their family room. Families and some Community Groups had "watch parties" together. I am incredibly thankful for the good response from everyone yesterday!

It was unusual--I'll be the first to admit that preaching to (nearly) empty seats is not as easy, fun, or encouraging as having all your faces in the room. We're a family! In a culture where livestream and sermon podcasts are the norm, we'll all have to be careful that we don't get comfortable in the convenience of church-from-home. God calls us to be in community together. Having church online is like doing a family reunion over Skype-it's just not the same! But it's wonderful that we live in an age where we can connect in this way even in the midst of a pandemic.

Unfortunately, it appears that the disruption to life is not going away soon. Read on for some guidance for the next couple of weeks.

Sunday Morning Services
The next two Sundays, March 22 and 29, will be entirely online. As we did this week, we will have a full worship team, preaching, and prayer time. Some of you had hiccups with the livestream. You can imagine that livestream providers are scrambling right now as audiences have multiplied and churches have started livestreaming that didn't previously. We'll be working all this week to provide an excellent worship time.

Wednesday Night Activities
Wednesday Night Activities are canceled through Wednesday, April 1--which is Spring Break week.

Community Groups & Discipleship Groups
Right now, the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control recommends not meeting in large groups. It also recommends "social distancing." We would ask that you would use wisdom as you consider getting together in Community or Discipleship settings. We need to be sure to be loving and empathetic in the way we invite people to connect; if anyone doesn't feel safe or comfortable to meet, we shouldn't make them feel judged or shamed. There are many creative ways to connect with people including online Google Hangout and group video chats. We also want to make sure that the word of God and prayer is the focal point of gathering, even if just with one other family.

Church Office
As of now, the church office will continue to be open for normal hours.

Other Activities
Look for communications from ministry leaders regarding specific events coming up in the next few weeks and check out the Events page. It will be VITAL that you watch your inbox, social media, and our website.

Friday, March 13

In light of the continued escalation of the coronavirus outbreak, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all in-person worship services this Sunday, March 15. This is not a decision that we wanted to make; the gathering of the Body is so vital to our identity as believers. But as the situation has become a national emergency, we want to glorify Jesus and honor our fellow man--especially the elected leaders, public health officials, doctors, nurses, and first responders who are tasked with keeping us safe and healthy.

We invite you to worship with us from home on Sunday morning at 10:30am. We’ll livestream one service from Fegenbush Campus, continuing on in our sermon series in the book of Hebrews, “Greater.” I would highly encourage you to gather your family and participate in worship with us. The encouragement from Hebrews 11 is so timely: we can stand firm on the foundation of Christ when our world is in chaos.